Welcome to Helping Hearts and Hands

Our mission is to advocate for patients with chronic diseases (and their caregivers) through education and fundraising.

  • People dealing with chronic illness, and their caregivers, need support.
  • Communities are full of support!  From the national level to the local, there are agencies, professionals, and volunteers ready to help.
  • But how do you find what you need when you need it?

Helping Hearts and Hands is a network of palliative care resources that can help you in several ways.  We can

  • Help you find and access the community resources you need.
  • Advocate on your behalf so you get and understand the information you need to make good decisions
  • Support you by hearing and understanding what you are going through.

We believe that:

  • The community rallies with compassion and skills to assist those experiencing health challenges.
  • A social network is necessary to identify the helping resources available to those in need.
  • Everyone deserves help to live a self-defined quality of life.