Friends of Helping Hearts and Hands Welcomes you!

Give with your Heart, Help with your hands is our introductory issue of Community Education newsletter. Our goal is for Community to:

• Become familiar with Friends of Helping Hearts and Hands as a Palliative Care Net

• Learn the checklist of ‘things to do’ to create a quality of life you and your family wish regardless of the chronic illness with which you are living; and,

• Learn how and where to access the community resources that will help you manage the disease symptoms you experience and get back to living life with inspiration.

Friends of Helping Hearts and Hands has 3 focus areas to help community:

• Educate to palliative care and connect with resources that can help you;

• Fund raisers to assist those who need services that help them function in everyday living; and,

• Create a pool of volunteers/caregivers who can provide the services.

We welcome opportunities to speak with community groups who know of or are already helping community members find the means for body, mind and spirit quality of life. How wonderful it will be to work within a network of individuals and services who are committed to the community well being.

Until next time,

Joanne Ozaki-Moore, RN


Joanne Ozaki-Moore

President ~ Clinical-Caregiver Services

February’s Newsletter is now available:  Download our February Newsletter

Written by Eileen Hebert

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